How I organize the children's books

by - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I have to admit, I love buying books for the kids often. I'm actually more excited than they are. And it's not just because I homeschool.

So here are the types of books we have in our home and how I organize them.

  • Homeschool material - Textbooks, workbooks, read-alouds and learning to read material. My 4 year old still likes to tear pages and color over everything, so I keep these in a high wall shelf in our store-room, which is next to the living room. Each child writes their name on their workbooks, and we use bookmarks on the last page we are left off. I type the schedule out anyways, but sometimes, they either want to do more, or less. At this young age, I choose to be flexible. I keep an area on the shelf to place all the material that we will need the next day. So when homeschool time comes, I just grab everything from that area and start.
  • Wipe-clean activity books - I have these readily available for my kids, along with their color markers and wipe cloth on a small IKEA bookshelf in the living room, which is where their desks are. They can do those anytime they want, as much as they feel like.
  • Read-alouds, bedtime stories - I keep some of these along with some board books for my youngest one also readily available for them, usually in a drawer next to the bed. We will read some of them before bed, and sometimes my little one will grab one and either explore the books on her own or ask me to read to her anytime during the day.
  • Kindle ebooks - I don't have a Kindle ebook Reader, but I have them Kindle Fire Kids Edition tablets, and also the Kindle app on my iPhone 7 Plus and on my convertible laptop. If you search for "free Kindle books for children" on the Amazon website, you can find plenty of them for free to download. They are good for when the books are out of reach and you don't want to get up, or if you are on the go (they are truly great for traveling), or if the kids are bored with the physical books you have and the new books you ordered haven't been delivered yet. On Kindle for kids tablets, you can also find audio books or animated books, that the kids can read themselves if you are too busy to sit for a read-aloud.
I am guessing as they grow our library content and storage needs will change, but now that they are young, they don't need a lot of storage space.

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